April 06, 2017 - 167 views

James is the current Owner, Founder & Director of Wanted FM.  He is responsible for the everyday running of Wanted FM, curating and creating new Competitions, Hiring, Maintaining our Website and Investing into Wanted.   Without him there wouldn’t be Wanted FM, and you wouldn’t hear the latest hits.

James also works full time in retail as a Sales Manager, so he lives a very busy life, since the age of 16 he’s built himself up in Retail and self taught him self skills like Retail Management, Management Skills, Customer Service, Coding, Graphic designs and well the list goes on.

He’s still young (19) but thriving with Passion and sustainability unlike any nineteen year old we’ve seen.   

If you ever ever see him around, say hello, he don’t bite (we promise)!


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