Requests Line

April 15, 2019 - 207 views

Would you like to request a song to the DJ air? Perhaps send a joke or shoutout? Whatever it maybe you can do it here to contact the current DJ live on-air.      

Wanted FM Requests Line:

Song artist:
Song title:
Dedicated to:
Your name:
Your E-mail:
Please note; Our DJs and Presenters reserve the right to not be harassed using this feature and/or (but not limited to) receive verbal abuse or threats. Anyone found doing so will be IP banned from all Triune Media Group Limited Services (including, but not limited to; Hosting, Radio and other services operated by Triune Media Group Limited).
In addition to the Policy above, you are reminded you’re only sending a Request to the On-Air DJ/Presenter and they are unable to read all Requests, Shoutouts and/or Competition submissions on-air, at their discretion or which maybe offensive to other listeners.


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