Donate to The Wanted Network

June 04, 2019 - 105 views

Notice Our Bank Account Details have been updated.  Effective from 20th June 2019.   

  The Wanted Network which is owned and operated under Triune Media Group Limited (which is a CIC Company).  

We rely on Volunteers and our Listeners to donate or  even just visiting the website.     Donations help incredibly and help towards the operation of The Wanted Network.   

We understand not everyone can donate money but did you know, just click on a Advertisement on our Website helps too. 

How to Donate?

Firstly, thank you for choosing to donate to The Wanted Network. You can Donate by the following methods;

  • 1. PayPal  -  PayPal is the easiest way to donate to The Wanted Network, you can donate as little as £1.00 and a maximum of £1000.   100% of your donation goes towards the operational costs of The Wanted Network as well as System Upgrades and Maintenance works to enhance your user experience. 

  • 2. Instant Bank Transfer* -                        Payable to: Triune Media Group Limited            Sort Code: 23-11-85                                  Account Number: 00075716


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